Dr Kirsteen M MacKenzie is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and obtained her Certificate in Higher Education in Teaching from the University of Dundee in May 2014. (Online and In Person Teaching).

Between 2013 and 2014 Dr MacKenzie was an online tutor for the University of Dundee and Open University Online Scottish History Course on Medieval and Early Modern Scottish History.

Between 2013 and 2017 Dr MacKenzie was a Teaching Fellow, then Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen. During this time Dr MacKenzie taught on a variety of courses including levels 1 and 2 survey courses on Early Modern European History 1500-1800, Enlightenment, Revolution and the Emergence of Modernity 1660-1848 and Scottish History broadly defined between c.1100-1999. Dr MacKenzie also taught Honours levels courses on the Three Stuart Kingdoms c.1603-1707 and the Jacobites c.1688-1788.

Dr MacKenzie is an advocate for the universal access and design of online courses to enable more students with disabilities to enter higher education.

In September 2021 Dr MacKenzie will be launching new and fresh history courses online which introduce various topics in early modern history from c.1500-1800. Please register your interest via the contact form.