Dr MacKenzie has a number of history related websites and blogs. This page gives a brief overview.

Stuart History and the Digital Age

A blog which gives brief and topical insights into various aspects of early modern British and Irish history from c.1603-1788. The blog also discusses how the new digital technologies and digital humanities are changing how we research, teach and study early modern history. You will find this blog on this website here.

The Remote Historian

This is my digital humanities online portfolio for my graduate certificate in Digital Humanities at George Mason University. It discusses issues in digital humanities, various applications, websites and platforms which cover all aspects of history and the new media. It also contains small digital projects which have subsequently been developed and expanded for Digital Stuart Worlds. You can find the blog here.

Digital Stuart Worlds

This will be an online exhibition of small scale and completed digital projects on the Stuart era from c.1603-1788. These digital projects will offer new insights into various topics by using the latest digital tools. It is also hoped that other scholars and those with an interest in Stuart history will be able to use these projects for teaching purposes too. The site will be launched in January 2021.